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  • THIS IS NOT A DRILL - on the 4th of October @batchandcoffee and @ginwithsarahb are doing a gin tasting. It’s £35 per head and it gets you 5 DRINKS 🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸. The last one looked so much fun and I will definitely be going (which could be an incentive to go. Or a deterrent. Not sure) - who doesn’t like gin? No one. That’s who. You should come. Or don’t. But do. #gin #drinks #yesplease #streatham #fridaymood
  • Today we went on an outing and I was excited because I don’t get to go on outings much, and then Mishy told me the outing was to Brixton, and then I was sad because I was almost going home, but not really, and then I had to go back to work and that was rubbish. Here’s some of the photos that I took on my outing-that-wasn’t-really-an-outing-but-was-actually-just-almost-a-trip-home-but-without-the-good-bit 🙄 #london #brixton #home #work #almosthome #outing #adventure
  • Throwback to this little squish when we brought him home in June 2015. I can’t even remember how we used to cope without a daily dose of Angus to get us through the day. ALSO HE WAS SO INCREDIBLY SMALL LOOK AT HIM HE’S THE SIZE OF A PEA (sort of). That’s all. #puppy #throwback #dogsofinstagram #takemeback
  • @laurenmtaylor out and about in Twickenham today - having a promenade along the river bank in between appointments 👸🏼💃🏼 #london #thames #scenery #autumn
  • @laurenmtaylor spent last weekend out of London at her Nan’s house. She sent us this picture whilst we were slaving away in the office on Saturday (kind hearted person that she is). This is the garden cabin and my only question was when can I move in??? #countryliving #architecture #yesplease #property #beautiful
  • @batchandcoffee are my new best friends. They have gifted me a muffin that was a bit dinged and I am now eternally in their debt. People who give other people chocolate on Monday’s are the only kind of people that we need in our lives. #mondaymotivation #present #thankyou
  • Okay so we’re greedy pigs and we ate most of it before remembering to take a photo, so sorry it’s not Insta-worthy (girls gotta eat) BUT here’s our Saturday lunch treat, courtesy of the lovely @batchandcoffee, Helping Mishy and Em find the will power to come in to work every Saturday! 🙏🏼🙌🏼 #saturday #stillatwork #alwaysworking #lunch
  • Both of our boys in the office today. What a Saturday treat! (Bilbo actually looks so shifty, what is his problem???) #officedog #dogsofinstagram #saturday