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A caring approach to property management

With over 20 years experience

Established over 20 years ago, in 1995, in Streatham, South West London, Emma’s Estate Agents offers a new perspective on residential sales, lettings and property management.

We offer a unique and intimate approach, tailoring our services to your individual needs. As a fully independent, family-run business we have the flexibility needed to offer a truly bespoke service to each and every client.

With a highly trained core team of staff, all of whom have been part of the Emma’s family for several years, we are able to provide personal and expert support to you at all times. Whether you’re thinking about buying or renting your new dream home or selling or renting your current one we’re here to help every step of the way.

At Emma’s we believe integrity, trust and honesty are key to building relationships and as such we make a point of only ever providing truthful and honest valuations that accurately reflect current market value. We want to ensure, as you begin this journey, your expectations are being properly and professionally guided.

Dealing with property proactivity is key, ineffective management and lack of communication are some of the most common problems that result in confusion, chains collapsing, and unnecessary maintenance issues. As such we make it our business at Emma’s to be as proactive as we can in all things we do. This takes many forms, from our quick and honest communication, to keeping a close eye on any chains if you are buying or selling, and frequent management inspections of rental properties to maintain their condition.

With a diverse property portfolio that ranges across London, from Hampstead to Hackney, Twickenham to Sutton, we are certain we can help, whatever your property needs. Our new high-street office is on Streatham Hill and we’d love for you to pop by and see us!

  • We’re swept off our feet over here, which is good, but means insta is taking a back burner, which is bad. So here’s some fluff to brighten your #monday - this was the flowers on my balcony a couple of months ago and as we start to head away from Christmas I’m now looking ahead to spring and more of this cheer! 🌷🌱 #mondaymotivation #flowers #plants #london #spring #urbangarden
  • I do love the way houseplants bring life and vibrancy to a room, filling up empty space in a structural but organic way. Yes to houseplants. Also - is the tree on the right real? Is it fake? I don’t know but I want it in all of its leafy glory! 🌳🌿 #property #london #streatham #houseplants #decor #homedecor #interiordesign
  • In the mad rush leading up to Christmas (yes I was a last minute Charlie and left present buying until way too late) we forgot to share some fun news - we recently let a property *On Our Road*. Mishy lives literally meters from this flat and we were so chuffed to be able to find lovely new tenants for the landlord. As you can imagine doing viewings was a real struggle 😉. #propertymanagement #property #work #closetohome #streatham #london
  • The life of an office dog isn’t always exciting but it is very varied! Benji and I on the bus, heading to viewings. We’ll see if he can charm some people in to making an offer on the flat 😉 #officedog #puppy #dogsofinstagram #puppiesofinstagram #work #propertymanagement #tfl
  • Okay so I’m aware that this is not good behaviour, and shouldn’t be encouraged, and isn’t professional and blah blah blah. And I swear we tell him off and put him in the floor every time. But THAT FACE and THAT TAIL. Had to record it just once for posterity. Now back to hauling his little butt off every ten seconds 🙄. #officedog #puppiesofinstagram #puppy #dogsofinstagram #badboy #notreatsforyou #no #training #workinprogress
  • Some days are better than others. This was one of them. One of our beautiful tenants moved out recently and this morning these were waiting for us along with a thank you note. What a way to start 2019! 🥰💐 #work #thankyou #flowers #todaywasagoodday #2019 #killingit #grateful
  • Bit late but very festive. Last week we had our Christmas dinner at @scullyrestaurant - it was absolutely dreamy and we very quickly got a bit too tipsy and excited about the food to take more photos than this but I think you can see we had fun! #christmas #work #outing #food #london #festive #girlsnight
  • Oh Balham, you beauty. 🧡 #balham #london #sunset #work #propertymanagement #firesky #beautiful