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Over 20 years’ experience

Emma’s has over 20 years’ experience in residential lettings and property management across the whole of London. We’re confident that we can help you find the right property and our friendly team is here to do everything we can to make your move, and beyond, stress free so that you can concentrate on your new home.


Our focus is on building an honest and open relationship with our tenants.
We’re a small team and, over the course of your tenancy, will get to know you personally,
ensuring continuity of care for you (you’ll be more than a flat to us!).

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Multi-disciplinary team

We’re also a multi-disciplinary team so, unless you’ve already started a conversation with someone, you can normally ask any one of us about any issue you’re having, and we’ll be able to help, or get you speaking to someone who can.

We have a detailed set of Tenancy Application Notes which we’d be delighted to send to any applicant thinking about starting a tenancy with us. This outlines the full application process and all requirements our office has so that there’s complete transparency before any money is on the table – if you’d like them, just pop us an email.

Our office is reachable for all existing and prospective tenants by both phone and email.

Monday – Friday
9:00 am – 6:00 pm,

10:00 am – 3:00 pm.

If you’re an existing tenant the best way to contact us is by email, though we’re always happy to hear from our residents via phone. Should you need to reach us outside of office hours for an emergency (please use discretion as to what constitutes an emergency, fire, flood etc. please, not “its-two-in-the-morning-on-a-Friday-and-I’ve-lost-my-keys”) you can text us on the following mobile numbers or email us (we read these all waking hours):

Michelle – 07956 204 098
Emma – 07866 577 372

Call us on:

T: 0208 677 6608

Please also see below a breakdown of all fees chargeable by Emma’s for your reference:

Basic Fees Total (inc. VAT) Fee VAT
New tenant admin fee* One week’s rent Calc. Rent pcm x 12/ 52 Calc. at 20%
Check out fee £90 £75 £15
Renewal fee £120 £100 £20
Changeover application fee** £120 per applicant £100 £20
Deed of assignment fee*** £60 £50 £10


* This fee breaks down to cover the full tenant referencing through Vouch, all tenancy paperwork provided prior to move in, and the professional check in and inventory.

** This fee is charged individually for any applicant (tenant or guarantor) for whom referencing is required once a tenancy has commenced. This includes but is not limited to – the re-referencing of tenants once their tenancy has started due to a change of circumstance, the changeover or addition of tenants named on a tenancy, the changeover or addition of guarantors’ name on the tenancy. This fee is separate to the renewal fee which will then be required to process a new tenancy agreement with any relevant changes made.

***If a tenant changeover is required during a tenancy tenants may opt, with the approval of the landlord – who reserves the right to withhold such consent, to be provided with a Deed of Assignment rather than an entirely new tenancy agreement.

Additional fees Total (inc. VAT) Fee VAT
Failure to cancel rent standing order after the end of tenancy £30 per tenant £25 £5
Failure to pay rent as one, single payment for the full rent amount £30 per tenant / payment £25 £5
Rent or fee payments made in to the wrong account £30 £25 £5
The provision of access to the flat for the tenant/s or contractors relating to the tenants after the agreed date and time of check out £90 £75 £15
Out of office hours provision of keys for tenants locked out* £30 £25 £5


*Tenants will be required to leave a credit card/ debit card at the office until such a time as the borrowed keys are returned to Emma’s Estate Agents.