Choosing the right home can be a daunting task.  At Emma’s Estate Agents we have a wide selection of properties across London to suit young professional tenants.  If you have viewed one of our properties and decide to take it, here are some notes about our application procedure:

Firstly, in order to take the property off the market, we need you to make an appointment to place a holding deposit. The holding deposit assures us of your commitment to move in; once your application is successful the holding deposit is refunded to you in full.  At our initial meeting we need you to bring your passport so that we can take a copy of your photo ID.  We will agree your move in date and go through our referencing requirements as follows:

You are required to provide the following references, if you are unable to provide any of these, you will need a Guarantor.

  1. Landlord – we need written confirmation of the length of your current/most recent tenancy, your monthly rental amount, whether you made regular and reliable payments and would they recommend you to another Landlord?
  2. Employment – we need written confirmation from your employer or HR department, stating how long you have worked for them, is your position permanent, what is your annual salary including, any bonuses, do they consider you to be respectable and trustworthy?
  3. Bank Reference – each tenant should complete a Bank Status Inquiry Form for the portion of rent they intend to pay.  This form must be given to your bank straight away, as it can take up to 2 weeks for your bank to complete.  Your bank will then send a reference to us directly.  They usually charge you for this service.
  4. Application form – each tenant should complete the form we provide you with.   

NB: All Guarantors are required to provide a bank reference and complete a Guarantor Application form.

If you experience any problems with your references, please contact us so that we know what the situation is and can try to assist you.  All references must be provided by the date agreed, before you can move into the property.  Once all of your references have been collected we will send you a copy of the Tenancy Agreement.  It is important that you read it thoroughly, so that any queries can be resolved before the check in.  All Guarantors must sign and return the Tenancy Agreement before the check in.

We initially offer a six month contract.  Two months before the end of your contract we will be in touch to offer you the option to renew your tenancy at the property.  We will then offer you our standard Tenancy Agreement which is for 12 months, with a 6 month opt out.  This means you have a 12 month contract, but are allowed to provide us with 1 month’s written notice to vacate after 6 months.  6 month contracts are also available on request.  Please note that fees apply at your tenancy renewal and when you vacate.  You are also required to have the property professionally cleaned at the end of your tenancy.

The Check in procedure:

The day you move into your new home, a member of Emma’s Estate Agents will meet you at the property.  If not all tenants can be at the meeting, it is important that we know, so that we can arrange for them to sign the contract in advance.

Firstly, we will inspect the Inventory room by room.  We then record the gas and electric meter readings so that you can provide these to your suppliers.  Finally, we sign the contracts.  You must also complete a Standing Order Mandate for your monthly rent.

We require your first month’s rent in advance and your Security Deposit before you can move in.  The total funds will be confirmed with you at our initial meeting and it must be transferred to our bank account by close of business the day before you move in; please get a receipt for your payment.   

You will be given a copy of the Tenancy Agreement and keys for the property and your Tenancy will begin immediately.

Security Deposit:

In accordance with government legislation, as of April 2007 all Security Deposits must be held by an approved third party.  Emma’s Estate Agents lodge your security deposit with The Deposit Protection Service as soon as possible after you move in.  The DPS will hold your deposit for the duration of your tenancy and will provide you with a Deposit ID and your unique Repayment ID; you will need these codes at the end of your tenancy.  Full terms and conditions and ADR rules governing the protection of the deposit, including the repayment process, can be found at: www.depositprotection.com

Council Tax and Water Rates:

We are required to contact your local authority and Thames Water to inform them that you have taken occupancy of the property.  They will each contact you in due course regarding Council Tax and Water Rates due.

Gas & Electricity:

It is your responsibility to contact a gas and electricity supplier and provide them with your opening meter reading, so that you are not responsible for anything you have not used.  There are a range of suppliers to choose from and most will provide both Gas and Electricity.

If there is a pay as you go meter on either of your supplies, you can contact the supplier and have it changed to a bill payment system if required.  This service is free of charge.

Please note that when you vacate the property, we require proof that all your utility accounts are closed up to the correct date/meter reading before we can instruct the DPS to release your security deposit.

Our Fees:

New Tenant Admin Fee: One week’s rent (inc. VAT)

This fee breaks down to cover the full tenant referencing through HomeLet, all tenancy paperwork provided prior to move in, and the professional check in and inventory.

Check Out Fee: £90.00 (inc. VAT)

Renewal Fee: £120.00 (inc. VAT)

Changeover Application Fee: £120.00 per applicant (inc. VAT)

This fee is charged individually for  any applicant (tenant or guarantor) for whom referencing is required once a tenancy has commenced. This includes but is not limited to – the re-referencing of tenants once their tenancy has started due to a change of circumstance, the changeover or addition of tenants named on a tenancy, the changeover or addition of guarantors name on the tenancy. This fee is separate to the renewal fee which will then be required in order to process a new tenancy agreement with any relevant changes made.

Deed of Assignment Fee: £60.00 (inc. VAT)

In the event that a tenant changeover is required during a tenancy tenants may opt, with the approval of the landlord – who reserves the right to withhold such consent, to be provided with a Deed of Assignment rather than an entirely new tenancy agreement.

Failure to Cancel Rent Standing Order after the End of Tenancy: £30.00 per tenant (inc. VAT)

Failure to Pay the Rent as One, Single Payment for the Full Rent Amount: £30.00 per tenant (inc. VAT)

Rent or Fee Payments Made into the Wrong Account: £30.00 (inc. VAT)

The Provision of Access to the Flat for the Tenants or Contractors Relating to the Tenants After the Agreed Date and Time of Check Out: £90.00 (inc. VAT)

Out of Office Hours Provision of Keys for Tenants Locked Out: £30. 00 (inc. VAT)

Tenants will be required to leave a credit card/ debit card at the office until such a time as the borrowed keys are returned to Emma’s Estate Agents.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.
Thank you for choosing Emma’s Estate Agents.